Child's details:

Parent’s details:

How to enroll a child?

We invite parents to a meeting where we will present the details of the program, the preschool and important issues regarding adaptation.

After having known the terms of the preschool offer, we complete the formalities (contract, child’s personal questionnaire, etc.)

We set the date of adaptation of the child, issues regarding the diet, we read the suggestions and expectations of caregivers.

jeszcze myślisz nad decyzją?

Happiness is the most important

Happy childhood and concern regarding proper development of your child are undoubtedly the key goals for you as a parent. For us, this is also a priority, which is why every child is treated as a family member.

English? For Fun!

Each group has two tutors – a Polish-speaking and an English-speaking native speaker every day, thanks to which children practice fluency in Polish and familiarity in English in the first months of their adventure with For Fun.


We focus on the comprehensive development of children thanks to the ” My Talents” program developed by For Fun educators. We offer many additional, extra-curricular activities, available to all our students. As one of the few, we do not charge any fees for additional classes.